Monthly Archives: Agosto 2010

the play

a shallow look
in your gloomy eyes
and a heart that doesn’t beat
you hide so well
in playing dead
still your soul’s in it
if i could move
i’ll let your hands
feel what is in my chest
a beating heart
where my love cries
and a pain that knows no rest
your bed so warm
is inviting me
to share a one last kiss
but waking up
when you are gone
is forever i will miss
so instead i’ll pass
this one more chance
to hold you in my arms
i’ll leave you be
to someone else
who deserves more of your charm
this coward prince
who doesn’t own
a kingdom and a crown
will walk away
from the fairy tale
that’s being written down
a tucked tail
and lowered flag
oh, war drums roll defeat
the curtain’s close
it hides the tear
of the sad clown underneath
the audience roar
like a thunder clap
but they will never know
what makes this play
a tragic one
is the actor in the show.